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Elizabeth 2014 by laprasek
Elizabeth 2014
Drawn a few days ago in like 20 minutes. The anatomy is pretty horrible, but it seems I still can draw.

Also, something has happened to Elizabeth and I don't know what. (And I'm pretty sure I don't want to know, anyway! :D)
Chikorita by laprasek
Two doodles I did for Reina-Kitsune in exchange for a Sylveon doodle :) I can still draw Pokémon, it seems!
Homestuck Dump by laprasek
Homestuck Dump
More God Tiers! Soul of Void, Sylph of Heart, Knight of Space and Seer of Void. The Sylph and Knight were done for shertso - Sylph was my guess as to which god tier she would be, and Knight of Space was her actual result in pageofhopes' test.
Sketchdump - 2013 by laprasek
Sketchdump - 2013
Aaaand more sketchdumps. This time, from 2013. That is the year I got into Homestuck. Sorry about that, in advance.

I. My God Tier! And a non-canon one, too. I really like this sketch, not sure why. It looks good even after a year and a half.
II. More Homestuck. From a onwards: Aradia, Terezi, Kanaya, Bro, Meenah and Snowman.
III. Some serious art for a change. Drawn with reference. I really like these for some reason.
.... aaaand I just noticed I put two threes in there. So, III. a - Annemarie. I don't even know what is going on in that picture, but it sure isn't anatomically correct.
IV. More God Tiers. Well-drawn God Tiers, I have to say.
V. Elizabeth in Empire style! It's said that the Empire dresses were so light, women would catch colds and die... Fortunately, Elizabeth doesn't have to worry about that by that time.
VI. Will I ever get tired of drawing praying Elizabeth? No.
VII. Quorra from Tron! This was supposed to be a huge gift sketchpage for Ayoshen, but then I realized I can't draw Quorra. What a shame.
VIII. Maëlys. There is an AU in which she comes from Kalos and is a pure Fairy-type trainer.
IX. Kanya. Again, drawn with reference from SenshiStock.
X. Annemarie. The anatomy here is kind of wonky, but she does have a nice expression.
XI. And some redrawn Homestuck panels. I actually managed to make Tavros look 6 sweeps old, which is great.
XII. One more panel - this time of Dad.

I didn't really draw much in 2013. And 2014 has not been better so far, but I still have stuff to show.
Sketchdump - December 2012 by laprasek
Sketchdump - December 2012
I am alive.

Thanks to the wonderful shertso, I finally got to a scanner again! So, even though I have been horrendously unproductive the last two years due to personal reasons, I can at least show you the sketches I did. I'm still hoping I can come back soon, but somehow, things just keep getting in the way. Nonetheless, I still have two more sketchdumps for you, hopefully I will clean them up soon.

So, without further ado:
I. Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time with a Keyblade. Drawn back in the days when my friends still watched this show.
II. Elizabeth. I am pretty sure I sued a reference for this, but can't find which one it was. Nonetheless, I like this? Even after two years.
III. Maëlys. Please don't look at the face. Or the hands, for that matter.
IV. Vent art. I can no longer remember what I was sad about, so I think it was nothing serious?
V. & VI. More Elizabeths. I really like the portrait @___@
VII. Maëlys again, this time, in sort-of kodona clothing from my own wardrobe.
VIII. & IX. 2012 was a Kingdom Hearts year for me. That said, I ship Akuroku like Fedex and nothing can stop me.
X. Mielikki, paying respects to the dead.
XI. I tried drawing "evil" Kanya here again, after eight years or so. I could have done better, but I think this is not bad either.
XII. Annemarie with her dagger. I think she's not sure if she wants to kill that Undead or not.
XIII. The Siren, drawn with reference from SenshiStock. I messed up on the face, but I really like the rest of the picture.
XIV. Kairi! And coloured, nonetheless. Just a little thing done using aquarells.
XV. The devil. I never finished this picture. It is one of the 31354345 unfinished pictures lying on my hard drive right now.
XVI. Kanya in a little different style. I have no idea what I was doing here, but I quite like the result.

As I said, more coming soon!

Tag: My Pokemon Journey

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 26, 2014, 3:50 AM
I was tagged by Reina-Kitsune ! Feel free to tag yourself if you'd like to do this, I have no idea who is still active here ^^;

Answer each question separately. It doesn't matter one answer comes from a different region than the other. Just mix your own perfect Pokemon journey and tell us why.

1. If you were about to go on a Pokemon journey and could choose one of all starters there are, which would it be?

Well, that would be a tough choice. I love most of the starter Pokémon, and would probably be happy with most of them. But if I absolutely had to choose, it would be Piplup. Most of the starters are cute at the beginning, but I suppose I'd rather deal with an arrogant penguin than, say, a flaming dragon or a huge dinosaur plant XD

2. It will be given to you by the professor who made the biggest impression on you. That is...

That would be Rowan, because unlike most others, he has his shit together. And because evolution is fascinating! Runner-up: Sycamore.

3. If you could choose your hometown from all hometowns we've had so far, it would be...

Twinleaf. It has a special atmosphere and there is a lake right behind it! But I also have a soft spot for New Bark Town.

4. The region you'd travel through?

This is a tie between Johto and Sinnoh and please, do not force me to choose. It is physically impossible for me. I absolutely adore both of these regions. I'd travel through both if it was possible.

5. Sorry - like it or not, you'll have to face the team that you consider most dangerous across all games. Which one it is?

That would probably be good old Team Rocket. After all, their motivation is money and they will do anything for it. The other teams are less dangerous because they have ideals they will adhere to - and therefore, they are predictable to an extent.

6. There are usually some forests on your way to greatness, which one would you like to explore? 

Ahhhhh. Eterna Forest still owns my heart. Alternatively, does the Laverre Nature Trail (the route just before Laverre Cit) count? That would be a runner-up. Although I'd probably get scared to death there ^^;

7. Sad enough, you will also have to go through the most annoying cave, full of annoying Geodudes/Zubats/Boldores appearing every three steps, driving you crazy. Which one it is?

Rock Tunnel. The biggest frustration of my childhood. And never forget that day when my nuzlocke Butterfree bit the dust there.

8. You also have 8 Gyms awaiting your challange. Pick those you really want to visit either because of their cool setting or cool gym leader. But careful, not the same type twice!

Oh my god no I can't do this.

Sabrina (Psychic, Saffron City)
Green (Ground, Viridian City)
Jasmine (Steel, Olivine City)
Clair (Dragon, Blackthorn Town)
Winona (Flying, Fortree City)
Elesa (Electric, Nimbasa City)
Roxie (Poison, Virbank City)
Valerie (Fairy, Laverre City)

I think I might have a bias for girls? XD I wanted Volkner there, but he had to go because of Elesa.

9. The epic conclusion draws near - you'll have to battle and join forces with one box legendary Pokemon. Which one will become your soulmate?

Thanks, you just made it much easier for me with that "box Pokémon" limit ^^;
I would want it to be Ho-Oh, but somehow, that would not feel right (I am not worthy yet). I think Suicune would be fitting for me.

10. Well done - there is not much left for you to do before facing the elite four. But one of those things is a very important battle against you rival. What's his/her name?

silver-senpai notice me

Alternatively, Green.

11. And now the Victory road. It will be tough. As tough as the most tough Victory road you've ever been to. Which one will it be like?

Give me the original one and then watch me get lost and starve to death in the tunnels. The Hoenn one is a close runner-up, though.

12. It's here. Here comes the respected Elite Four. Made of the toughest elite four members you've ever faced! 

Lance (Gen I, before he became the champion)
Phoebe (Gen III)
Drake (Gen III)
Sydney (Gen III)

Gen III had some really tough trainers in there. I absolutely can't judge Gen VI because I was overleveled as fuck.

13. And finally... someone you've been encountering during your journey. Someone who maybe helped you and maybe did not. But definitelly the strongest Champion you've ever had to defeat.

Cynthia. She is the strongest ... and the best :D

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Tereza Navarová
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I'm a History student that keeps art as a beloved hobby. My other interests include the Japanese language, videogames, webdesign and other things I can't remember now. I draw my OCs and some fanart - mainly Pokémon and fanart of other people's OCs.

This account is not dead, it's just waiting for its owner to graduate.

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